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15 August 2007 @ 05:56 pm
Full Rules and Regulations!  
Here are the official game rules!


They will be made in the OOC community, dcbb_ooc
The form is in the user info and all you need to do is fill it out and your character will either be added or claimed depending on the situation.


The game will start when we have either 8 houseguests, and then the applications will be closed.


See user info.


The house consists of nine rooms:

* The Silver Bedroom
* The Gold Bedroom
* The Bronze Bedroom
* The Bathroom
* The Backyard
* The Kitchen
* The Livingroom
* The HOH Room (in HOH's character journal)
* The Diary Room (your character journal)

The Rooms (minus those in other people's journals) will be posted numerous times this season, when you talk to someone in their, post in the comment title, (charactername) to (charactername) (subject)." Where when a new conversation is started, there will be no confusion.


You will be asked a question about either a Disney Channel show or actor, you must go to your character's journal and post your answer in a public post. The exiting HOH will go behind and read everyone's answers and either tell you if you got it wrong that you are out or if you got it right, you proceed to the next question. Every HOH competition consits of around 10 questions and then a possible tie breaker question that has a numerical answer.


If you are HOH, post in your character's journal an entry titled: "(character's name)'s HOH Room". You can invite people there, but friend lock it. If you go and talk on different days, then use a different title in the comment.


Every Friday, the current HOH will come to the house journal and post their two nominees to be put on the chopping block. If they do not do so by midnight on Friday, then there will be no Veto and on Thursday, they houseguests will vote as to how they want out and the person with the most votes will be evicted.


For the veto competition,the HOH will pick a person to play with them, the two nominees will do the same, and the HOH will pick a host, you put those picks in the house journal as well by Sunday at 12 noon and at six, the veto competition will be posted, you will be given a quiz made on TESTERIFFIC made by the Host that the HOH picks, with questions concerning DC shows/actors/songs and the person that scores the highest on the quiz will be given the golden power of veto!

The veto will be used to take one person off of the block, or if the winning houseguest doesn't want to use it, they don't have to and the same two people will stay on the block.


On Thursday at noon, the eviction votes will begin to be cast. There will be a post that will be posted by the current HOH stating: "Cast your vote to evict here: (nomineessname)/(nomineesname)"

You go into that post and vote by choosing to post ANNONYMOUS and then type in the box: "I vote to evict (nomineesname)".

There are some penalties for failure to post annonymous (meaning the whole house can see who you voted for):

1st Time- Your character's vote doesn't count
2nd Time- Your Character will not be eligible to play in the HOH competition.
3rd Time- Instant Eviction


The first three characters to be evicted will just be evicted and will no longer be able to have contact with the game except to watch.

The others evicted after that will go into "sequester" and be on jury for the final two contestants, and they will decide the winner of the first season of DC Big Brother.


Their will be many twists and turns in this game. You will never know when they strike. A character may devise a twist, and if you do, you have to go to the OOC journal and post it there for at least three people to comment saying okay on.


It's not Big Brother unless there are alliances. If your character forms an alliance with someone else, go to the OOC journal and register it and it will be put on the list. An alliance must consist of three or more people or it will not be counted.


See Alliances.


Is your diary room. Everything strategic that comes straigt from you must be for your eyes only locked or else everyone can see your plot. You can call someone else to talk strategic with you in there, but it must be Friend's locked. The only thing public in your journal is your HOH answers.

I think that is it. The game will begin shortly.

Much ♥

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